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The Hobbit

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Book Thirty Four.

A classic. I read this at school seventeen years ago. I loved it then, i love it now. Bilbo is just wonderful and lovely. I found the narrative voice perfect, and have never read a better omniscient third person point of view story. Re-reading this has tempted me to try reading The Lord of the Rings again...

Cornwall: Day Five: Part Two

After St Michael's Mount we got the bus up to St Ives.

1: The weather was very ominous.

2: I met a seagull who was very happy to pose for photos.

3: In case you get lost.

4: Bunting! ♥

5: For Cornish ale not from St Austell, we were recommended The Castle Inn. They were also showing the tennis. Bonus.

6: For dinner we went to The Bean Inn. Yummy vegan food!

Cornwall: Day Five: Part One

Where are days three and four, you ask? Well, the weather was shit those days. We spent day three packing our tent, travelling from Treen to Hayle (the long way around on the open top bus, though we stayed on the lower level), and moving into our chalet. Day five was spent hiding from the rain, reading, watching tennis with a short (cameraless) trip into Hayle town.

The sun came out on day five, and we practically ran all the way to St Michael's Mount.

These are all photos of and from St Michael's Mount, which was lovely, but far too touristy. We should have expected that.

Cornwall: Day Two: Part Three

Still on day two!

1: Riding the open top bus to Land's End.

2: At Land's End (not a very exciting place, fyi).

3: A giant appears to terrorise the scale village.

4: I ate a (cheese and vegetable) Cornish pasty at Land's End. Woo.

5: We chose not to throw our money away, but when Nottinghamshire went up on the sign, i snapped a quick photo from safely behind the barrier.

6: Random event spotted in a magazine. Unfortunately it started after we left Cornwall. Who wouldn't want to learn about poo!?

Cornwall: Day Two: Part Two

We reached the coast and climbed. Then walked. Climbed a bit. Walked. Climbed... you get the idea.

1: The view once we'd reached the peak of the first climb.

2: A wander around at the top.

3: The perfect spot for a picnic.

4: The other side of Logan Rock.

5: The view from Logan Rock, of the coast we walked the previous evening.

6: Pondering the sea.

Cornwall: Day Two: Part One

I will be posting these forever, but whatever, posterity!

In the morning of our first full day in Cornwall we went for a walk. Basically we took a different route down to a different bit of coast. This was the first, in-land, part of the walk.

1-3: We stumbled upon a lovely little secluded oasis. It had little paths and lots of different plants, and even a bench and... And only when we got pretty far in did we spot the huge house. Oops, turns out we'd been wandering around some rich folks' garden!

4: Trusting Cornish plant sellers leave their stalls unattended. Saw more than a few of these throughout the holiday. They made me smile.

5: What the hell is this? It's HUGE! There is also a photo of it trying to eat me. True story. I call them triffids.

6: The most remote telephone box i have ever seen. I was rather taken with it.

Brave New World

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Book Thirty Three.

I feel anything i have to say about Brave New World would be redundant, because surely everyone else in the world has already read it? And if they haven't, they should. It's very good. Though honestly, it also depressed me at points. I didn't actually like any of the characters. Really, a choice between controlled and doped up clones, island isolation and religious solitude? I'd've hung myself as well.

No Stiletto Heels

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