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Girl, Interrupted

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Book Thirty Two.

Really. What a load of self-involved pretentious wank. Did not enjoy this one. First of all, how did they even turn it into a film? (I haven't seen the film.) There was... no plot. It jumped back and forth between her time at the hospital and her life afterwards, with no apparent point other than her own wayward train of thought. She seemed to veer between 'I was/am crazy!' to 'I wasn't/am not crazy, they just said i was crazy!' and back again. She wants the allure of being crazy, but also the righteousness of saying 'they fucked my whole life up'.

Do not recommend. If you want to read about a young girl in the nut house, try The Bell Jar. I didn't even like Esther, but that book was good.

Cornwall: Day One

It's been over a month, but whatever, holiday photos!

It took us all day to hitch-hike down to Cornwall. We got to Penzance at about 4:30pm. We wandered around trying to find somewhere to eat, then sat around at the bus station while trying to figure out which campsite to head to. We ended up in Treen. The tent was up and we were ready for bed by about 8:30pm. But instead of going to bed we followed a track down to the coast and took a walk. We followed the coastal track from Logan Rock all the way to the Minack Theatre (which was, unsurprisingly, at gone 10:00pm, closed). We then walked back to camp through Porthcurno in the dark and finally got back to our sleeping bags at about midnight. It was fabulous.

Walking on Glass

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Book Thirty One.

I loved The Wasp Factory so much, i rushed out and bought more Banks (reading in chronological order, as is my wont). This one... was weird. Lots of weirdness in a way i liked, randomness, etc. But the conclusion of the book... it's odd, and i'm still thinking about.

Also, every time i picked this book up i got Annie Lennox stuck in my head.

Fruits & vegetables of our labour

Pumpkins and squashes going well. Too well. They are huge and everywhere.

Harvested loads of mange tout, we need to give some away.

Red Duke of York potatoes. I have discovered the only way i actually like these potatoes is baked.

Spring onions! All for me!!


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Book Thirty.

After a proclamation in the comments of the last Wyndham book i read, i decided this would be my next Wyndham. I enjoyed it. I would have liked it to be longer, to explore what was going on, and hear more of Matthew's point of view on it all. I didn't find it as creepy and eerie as Day of the Triffids or The Midwich Cuckoos, and for that reason alone i think i prefer those books.

I'm also now unsettled, because i've read these books completely out of chronological order.
29th Jul 2012, 15:53   | tags:,,,comments (2)

When the Devil Drives

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Book Twenty Nine.

Fifteenth (and final) Brookmyre. I am bereft. Even with these last two Brookmyres not being as fanciful and fun as their thirteen predecessors, they were still Brookmyre, and therefore still better than a lot of the crap that gets published. I liked When the Devil Drives more than Where the Bodies are Buried, but that may have been more to do with the subject matter. Mystery and theatrics > gangsters and police. I will await the next Sharp Investigations book with joy, and do hope they've renamed it Sharp and Fallan Investigations by then.

When the Devil Drives = (Media moguls + history + missing person) x Sharp Investigations

Grimsby Beach

Though i think technically we were in Cleethorpes, but whatever, it wasn't much of a beach!

It was a lovely day though.
25th Jul 2012, 16:07   | tags:,,,comments (0)

Portable Personalities

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Him: Black phone, black headphones.
Me: Pink ipod, green headphones.

This says more about us than anyone could know.