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Ladybird Box

(viewed 2070 times)
Ladybirds, please come and live rent free in this attractive box-home. Local amenities to the area include food in the form of aphids. All you can eat!
22nd Jul 2012, 20:12   | tags:,,,comments (6)

Tiny Door

(viewed 1878 times)
For very small people who can fly, apparently.
21st Jul 2012, 14:14   | tags:,,comments (6)

Back to work...

(viewed 1911 times)
Two weeks off, and when i get back to open up on Monday morning, i'm greeted by this. Computers, phones and mic all covered in clinical waste bags.

I know work's a hazard, but really.

Turns out there was (and has been, for about a year) a leak above the desk, and this was to protect the electricals over the weekend. (I think fixing the leak about a year ago would've helped.)
19th Jul 2012, 14:37   | tags:,,comments (3)

A Beer and a Book

(viewed 1815 times)
When did Wetherspoon become a library?

Murder in Mesopotamia

(viewed 1510 times)
Book Twenty Eight.

I thought i'd seen the TV adaptation of this one, but i hadn't. I liked the narrator of this story... until Poirot turned up and she slagged him off. Not cool. All in all though, this is the worst (though only fourth) Christie i have read so far. When it came to the big reveal it was all about the psychology. The psychology interests me, but only in a balance with the evidence. This one ended up entirely ignoring all the evidence and simply came up with new things to make the murder fit randomly with the least likely suspect. I expected better.

Where the Bodies are Buried

(viewed 1507 times)
Book Twenty Seven.

Fourteenth Brookmyre. Read during the (many) rainy days while on holiday. A definite shift in style for Brookmyre; straighter with less outlandish- and graphic-comedy moments, and more typically crime fiction, but nonetheless enjoyable. I will admit that i do miss Parlabane's ridiculous escapades, though.

Also: Extra photo of the paperback edition i ordered to take on holiday, that did not arrive in time (oops). So i lugged the hardback all the way to Cornwall and back.

Where the Bodies are Buried = Reluctant PI + ((Glasgow gangsters + Glasgow Police) ^ corruption)

St Michael's Mount

(viewed 1589 times)
After a couple of days of rain, the weather cheered up enough for us to take the open top bus down to St Michael's Mount today. It was cool and interesting and the views were amazing but... far too many people. This was the view from round the back of the castle, proudly flying the Cornish flag.

Logan's Rock

(viewed 1891 times)
Arrived in Cornwall on Saturday afternoon. Found a campsite in Treen, near Porthcurno, and went for a quick (turned long) wander. Only took this photo with my phone, but have many many more on my cameras. We took the winding
costal path away from Logan Rock towards the open air Minack Theatre. It
was pretty and fun.