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Meet George the giraffe. He comes in many colours.

Random gifts in to post from awesome people make me smile.
26th Apr 2012, 14:37   | tags:,,comments (5)

Stick Figures

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There was a get well card for someone at work for everyone to sign. I hate these kinds of things; i don't know what to say, all the usual things are so boring and overused. So... i drew stick figures of everyone at work waving, instead.

All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses an Eye

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Book Seventeen.

Ninth Brookmyre. What is the longest book title ever? Is it this one? In the acknowledgements Brookmyre even thanks the designer for fitting all the words on the cover. Anyway, guess what? Yeah, i loved it. If i was to force myself to pick a favourite Brookmyre, this might be it. Might be. If i forced myself. Which i won't.

All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses an Eye = (A Granny ^ kick arse) + Eclectic group of criminal mastermind do-gooders for hire.

The Bell Jar

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Book Sixteen.

I was warned by BeardyMan to have a cheerful book ready for after i'd read this, but it wasn't so bad. Some pretty and relate-able things in there, but i found i didn't like Esther much. I think the book is seriously over-hyped, in positive and negative ways. It's a book, and it is okay. That is all.

New Bed

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Today we made a double-length one board high raised bed. This will have mange tout peas growing in it soon!

Cash Machine?

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Is this some newfangled technology i've not been made aware off? Looks like
a hand towel dispencer to me...

Be My Enemy

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Book Fifteen.

Eighth Brookmyre. Huzzaz for more Parlabane! I knew i'd been reading too much Brookmyre when often through this book i thought "It'd be fucking awesome/gross/typical Brookmyre if..." only for my 'if' to happen not long later. Though saying that i also had my 'typical Brookmyre' expectations challenged a couple of times.

Be My Enemy = ((Motivational weekend + bampot politics) ^ chaos) x (Parlabane x Vale)

Brown Fingered

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1) Planting out seedlings left me with a singularly very muddy finger.

2) Onions!

3) Leeks!

4) This bed is now full!