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Pat's Bap's

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Not only did they choose an awful name for the take away, but they threw in a grocer's apostrophe, too. No wonder the place is up for let.

N.B. It actually physically pained me to type that title.

Boiling a Frog

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Book Nine.

The fifth Brookmyre. This was the first Brookmyre BeardyMan purchased manymany years ago, hence the old cover. I had been told about one particular chapter in this book previously, but it was still hilarious. YAY for more Parlabane! No doubt i missed a lot of the more subtle political jokes, but i just don't care. Still can't get enough of these books.

ETA equation summary: (Politics + Catholicism) x the media = scandal ÷ Parlabane.

I didn't stop buying books.

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I love charity shops. I bought twelve books today. Including eight Agatha Christie. And The Hobbit, even though i already read it while at school. I had to stop myself from squealing with delight when i found William Golding's The Inheritors for 99p.

Twelve books for £9.96 = Happy Wendy.
23rd Feb 2012, 12:54   | tags:,,comments (11)

Fight Club

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Book Eight.

The first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club. But screw that, because Fight Club's really good. I thought the fact i'd seen the film would spoil the book, but it didn't. The opposite in fact. I spotted clever lines and refrences that made me smile and nod and appreciate how well written it is. It's a simple and easy read, but a very good, very clever one.

Name That Tree

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Anyone have any idea what this is? It's the biggest life in out garden, and we currently have no idea if we will want to keep it or not... because we don't have a scooby what it is.


One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night

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Book Seven.

The fourth Brookmyre. Another awesome. I'm trying to decide which of the four i've read i like best, but i can't. They really are equally brilliant, silly, entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny. One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night = action films + amateurs + school reunion.

A stroll through the park

Taken during a (very) cold walk through the park about a week ago.


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Book Six.

Random book i found in a charity shop. It was... weird. Enjoyable, easy read, just... weird. Taxi driver doing the night shift goes a bit loopy. The author used to be a taxi driver, and all but one of the taxi stories told in the book actually happened to him. The whole taxi aspect was the most interesting to me, for some reason. The whole 'Thirteen' part is ... weird.