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The War of the Worlds

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Book Thirty.

I was so disappointed with this book, i don’t now how to begin. I read and loved Wells’ The Time Machine, and expected to love The War of the Worlds just as much.

The characters lacked any character. The unnamed narrator of the book comes across as simply an anonymous (and stereotypical) Englishman; he has no real personality. Even the aliens are described only in appearance and movement, with physical facts; there is so little on how they make the narrator feel.

I loved the world created and the apocalyptic/alien invasion setting, but the book as a whole is so lacking. For the time it was written the concepts in the book are incredible, but ideas aren’t enough. There is no real story, at least not one i felt in the least invested in.

After The Time Machine i expected much better. I am now decidedly ambivalent about reading more of Wells’ work.

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Looking for Alaska

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Book Twenty Nine.

I decided to pick up a John Green book after watching several of his youtube videos and finding him to be a very intelligent and articulate person. So, despite the fact his books are quoted on tumblr like scripture by teenagers, i chose to read one. And, as is my wont, i began chronologically.

I liked the chapter and book divisions; X Days Before/X Days After. The ‘before’ half of the book was, for me, the weaker half. It was the “normal” half. Boy makes friends, meets girls, enjoys life… It was very well written, made me laugh often and was enjoyable to read, but wasn’t overly thrilling or the kind of genre i usually like to read.

The ‘after’ half is what makes the book. The first half was just a very long prelude, in comparison. The first half sets the scene and the characters, the second half truly explores them. The second half is when i really began to care, about the characters and the situation they find themselves in.

Although teetering oh so close to the “normal” fiction which i avoid vehemently, John Green’s writing is very compelling. Regardless of the subject matter, he makes reading it interesting.

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Peter Pan and Wendy

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Book Twenty Eight.

At first, the book made me frown and smile at the same time. It’s rather unique and took a while to get my head around. The narrative style reminded me a lot of The Hobbit—it is distinctly third person omniscient, and i loved the playful way that was written. What made me frown, initially, was how ordinary the book made such obviously extraordinary things. The fantasy aspects of the book are not made to seem fantastical—they simply are.

This edition also includes illustrations by Robert Ingpen which are, in a word, beautiful. They aren’t just there to fill pages, they really help bring the story to life and i spent just as long on the illustrated pages as i did on a page of text.

To be honest, i didn’t expect to like this book as much as i did, but i’m very pleased i liked it so much. The end made me sad, and happy.

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Cornwall: Eden Project: Mediterranean Biome

1. We got inside just before it got overcast and threw it down. Excellent timing.

2. Waiting for food.

5. The grapes go from on the vine to in the bottle... to in my mouth.

6. A fight broke out amongst the grapes.

7. Then things got really weird.

8. We also went on the zip wire, where i couldn't take photos, so the best is this wrist band i got. Suffice it to say it was the best part of the day.

Cornwall: Eden Project: Outdoor Biome


#3 freaked me out a bit. It seemed a showy imitation of The Lost Gardens' Mud Maid...

Cornwall: Mevagissey to Fowey Ferry

It was wet, but fun.

Cornwall: The Lost Gardens of Heligan: Part Two

The fruit/veg/flower gardens were possibly the best thing about The Lost Gardens of Heligan ♥

1. The first greenhouse we saw.

2. A very large pumpkin.

3. Erm...

4. The potting shed.

5. The greenhouses were bloody gorgeous.

6,7&8. Flower Garden.

Cornwall: The Lost Gardens of Heligan: Part One

1. Giant's Head

2. Mud Maid

3-8. All taken in the 'Jungle'!