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J B Spray: Eviction Imminent

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I posted over a year ago about the J B Spray factory being squatted here in Nottingham. It has been occupied since May 2009, but is now under threat of eviction. I was there on the 25th, but no eviction happened that day.

New Chair

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Pros: It was second hand, so i got it for free (my favourite price). It has arms. It reclines. It forced me to tidy this corner of my room.

Cons: It left me with a mess all over the bed.
27th Aug 2010, 18:18   | tags:,,,comments (4)

Holga: Roll 7

The last roll that i currently have scanned in, though i have 2 more rolls ready for scanning.
Have i mentioned how much i love my Holga? (Hint: it is a lot.)

Holga: Roll 6

This was my first roll of film that i actually scanned in the negatives of rather than prints. I don't have a negative scanner, so i borrowed my dad's (rather cheap) one aaaaand... i wasn't that impressed to be honest. It was quicker, but then i had to go through and edit each photo individually because the scanner had sucked all the colour out of them.

Le sigh.

Fisheye Food

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As it was sunday, i had to fisheye all the noms.


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So, as we're clearing the allotment of as much as we can, we ended up picking a lot of food a bit earlier than we should have done. Including the sweetcorn.
Behold, from right to left: Baby corns, toddler corns and one rather spotty teenager corn.
They all tasted good, though!

Harvest Time!

Sooooo, we're not keeping the allotment.
This is our penultimate haul of food. The only thing left are out main potato crop and tomato and pepper plants.
There are a few reasons we have decided to leave. The biggest being the allotment chairman; to put it as politely as i can, we don't like him and we don't get along. Simply, we think we've done a pretty good job so far, but he thinks we should have done more - and won't stop moaning at us and making us feel useless and unwanted at the allotments. He seems to think we're on the brink of being evicted, even though conversations with the inspection committee suggest otherwise.
Our tenancy agreement runs out in September and we will not be renewing it.
Instead, we are looking for a house with an actual garden instead of a yard.
Now, all we need is someone with a van so we can clear the allotment of all the things we have managed to accumulate there!

Belgian Chocolates

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My Mum recently brought these back from a trip to Belgium for me. I was quite surprised to see how fancy looking they were! No instructions, though, so it was a bit pot luck what you got. Unfortunately the strawberry one (the most awesome looking one in the whole packet!) was actually marzipan... ewww! That is now the only one left in the box - the rest were very nom!