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Buddha Beer Bottle

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I bought and drank this a week ago. I'm so behind on uploading.
3rd Aug 2010, 20:20   | tags:,,,comments (0)

Random FXs

Playing around with that niffty camera app again.

Thank You For Not Driving

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Spotted on my way home from the allotment.

Meow Cats

The cat in shots 1-3 is a super friendly cat i met the night all the cats in the neighbourhood came out when one of them got stuck in a tree and was meowing for help. We've seen him quite a few times since then, he loves attention and always tries to get into the house. He's lovely and cheeky and i call him Dave.

The cat in shots 4-7 is a newbie. This was the first time i saw him. He was shy at first and i approached slowly. He didn't like the sounds my camera made. I call him Monsieur Cat, due to that awesome moustache he's sporting.

I love cats.

Allotment: FX Style

Polandroid & ToyCam effects. Mucho fun.

In The Ground

More food photos. Sorry, folks!

1&2) The onions have done really well! Will be growing loads more over winter/next year!

3) One of my corns is actually growing corns!!

4) Only grew 4 cabbages, but they've all done really good.

5) Tomato plants are looking bushy...

6) ...and starting to ripen!

7) That's a lot of pepper plants.

8&9) Sweet peppers.

10) Purple chilliiiiiiiiiii. I am very excited.

Holga: Roll 4

Woo. Finally upto date on scanning my Holga photos! Half way through roll 5 at the minute.

Holga: Roll 3

Roll 3 out of my wonderful Holga.
If it took me a long time to scan in my second roll, then it took me a f*cking look time to scan in my third (and fourth; up next.)
So yeah, these ones are from a LONG time ago.