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Lots of life at the allotment lately. I spent my time there today checking on everything that's growing and re-potting things that needed it. It was quite relaxing and i enjoyed it.

1) 'Velvet Queen' Red Sunflower.

2) I finally have two corns.

3) Strawberries we didn't plant...

4) Cauliflower!
& 5) The netting covering the cauliflower. It's a thing.


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A few days ago we picked our first over-wintered onions (i had already picked and eaten some of the spring onions).

Of course i was so excited to eat them that i forgot to take any photos until i had already started chopping them. So photo 2 is of the first onions we picked; we ate them in a stir fry (photo 3).

Then today i picked some more for making chilli with and i managed to remember to take a photo before washing, peeling and chopping (photo 1).
12th Jun 2010, 18:51   | tags:,,,comments (0)

A Poppy

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I commented on Caine's recent post that i hadn't seen any poppies around here.
Then two days later i'm at my allotment and what do i spot?
It made me smile.
12th Jun 2010, 17:34   | tags:,,comments (0)

WTF Nottingham?

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I hate all this football nonsense.
I hate all this flag nonsense even more. You're English? Living in England? Supporting England? WOW, i would never have guessed. You need to display a million flags in your house to shout about this fact.

First Nottingham city council tear down people's England flags, then they put up this oversized pile of crap up on the council house in the centre of town?

I wanted to vomit.



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I walked to Sherwood this afternoon and passed this steet. Completely flood.
I stood there a while and watched a couple of vans drive through it. Splash!
7th Jun 2010, 19:01   | tags:,,,comments (2)

Pirate Park

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My favourite park within walking distance of my house. The slide is so much fun. The blue bark is new and i like it.

I Didn't Go To Work Today

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Poster in the ladies loo at the sumac.
I've seen this cartoon before and i love it :)

N.B. I actually didn't go to work today, though i'll probably be going tomorrow :(
7th Jun 2010, 18:52   | tags:,,,,comments (1)

Usable Yard

Since moving into this house about 2 years ago the garden has been pretty much ignored. There was a clear-ish path to get the bin in and out and that was about it.
So for a couple of days last week i randomly took it upon myself to sort it out.
Day one i de-weeded (didn't think to take any photos before doing this, but suffice it to say that some of the weeds were taller than me!)
Day two i swept. I didn't realise how gross concrete could get...
5th Jun 2010, 11:22   | tags:,,comments (5)