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My brother and his girlfriend got engaged recently. They had a celebratory BBQ at the weekend.
There was champagne and cake. And beer :)
The last shot is the only photo i managed to take of the two of them together.

The Secret Gardens

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I love peeking through gaps into other people's allotments.
I have taken to photographing the allotments through these gaps and then photographing the gap itself.
I thought they might make good diptychs?

Allotment Signs

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It feels like i'll be uploading allotment photos forever! Ha.

The blackboard is awesome, though often useless. (Like telling us there will be an inspection the very next day. Thanks for the warning.)
29th Apr 2010, 21:07   | tags:,,comments (7)

Whitemoor Allotments

Sights from the site.

1. Allotment lane.

2 & 3. My favourite allotment at Whitemoor.

4. Overgrown greenhouse.

5. Nice little path.

6. Lots of grass.

7. Allotment grotesque.

Allotment Sights

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(I'm finding it harder and harder to think of titles for my allotment posts :|)

1. Signs of life on the apple trees (reminiscent of this shot)

2. No matter how much i dig, the dandelions find a way. Quite endearing, but really, bugger off now!

3. The perimeter fence is finally erected. Safer, but feels very weird and wrong...

They Grow!

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Peas, cauliflower and one single, lonely corn. Should really plant some more of those...

Ten, Bed, Them...

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Spotted this while playing tennis today.
It seemed to be about the letter E; they were all highlighted.
17th Apr 2010, 20:00   | tags:,,,,comments (1)


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I was at the allotment this evening trying to make fire (massive fail), but as i was getting ready to leave i noticed the light in the greenhouse and had to stop to take photos.