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Road or River?

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I wasn't the only one taking photographs, but i wasn't about to go outside to take them!

Expo 58

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Book Seventeen.

I enjoyed this book. It was easy to read and on a few occasions made me laugh quite thoroughly. Though i am still puzzled as to how someone could have a “moon-shaped” face… Was it full, half, crescent or new moon?

An Englishman, Thomas, with a wife and baby gets shipped off the Belgium for Expo 58 to supervise the British pavilion’s British pub. While away he gets caught up in pseudo-romances and shady international spying.

Seeing the whole thing unfold from Thomas’ point of view is interesting. Realising how close to the centre of the whole operation he is, but how completely unknowing he’s been. It’s quite obvious to the reader that what Thomas believes is happening is not actually what is going on, but when the truth is finally revealed, it was under his nose all along.

Overall, a light-hearted and entertaining read. Not quite the ‘Ealing comedy meets Hitchcockian thriller’ the blurb promises, but amusing and thrilling in its own way nonetheless.

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Book Sixteen.

I wrote a long review on this, and to sum it up in one word would be: disappointing.

This book wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good. I didn’t dread picking up to continue reading, but there was no excitement about doing so, either. Once i’d started, i kept reading to finish it, not because i wanted to know what happened.

There was so much in the book. So many people and wonders described, but none of them were put to a good enough use to be interesting to me. Really, this book just seemed like Barker showing off all the wonders his imagination can produce, but not actually doing anything with them.

Overall, i can see so much potential in this book. The ideas, the concepts and the characters could all make an amazing story. I just think the execution of that failed miserably. Barker lost the important things in the details of the insignificant; in his insistence to tell rather than show. I’m disappointed this book wasn’t better, because it so easily could have been.

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Exciting News

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Under the stairs

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A Study In Scarlet

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Book Fifteen.

I had not read any Sherlock Holmes before, but was very much looking forward to reading this. I wasn’t disappointed. I was laughing and smiling constantly through the first several chapters.

Basically, Holmes is a delight. He is the perfect amount of egotistical, in exactly the same way Hercule Poirot is, and i can not emphasise enough how much that endears them both to me. Holmes isn’t a braggart; he’s honest. He is smarter than you. And him, and her, and them. He isn’t afraid to compliment people, either, when it’s deserved.

I loved this book, and it took an extraordinary amount of willpower to not pick up ‘The Sign of Four’ and begin reading it immediately afterwards! Why egotistical detectives hold such a wonderful place in my heart i really don’t know.

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Since Tomorrow

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Book Fourteen.

I loved the concept for this book. A desolate city, with the few remaining inhabitants struggling to survive and rebuild after climate change, pandemic and economic collapse decimate the world as we know it.

It starts really well, throwing the reader into this world by showing a market place where people trade bits and bobs found in the old, abandoned and ruined city for food grown by groups with farms and drugs grown by those with no motives but greed. It set the tone, introduced the characters and immersed me into the setting well.

Ultimately, this was an interesting and well told story about survival in a decimated world. I may have has issues with a few characters, but the fact that i had them means they were well written enough for me to feel something, which is always better than not feeling anything at all. The characters are what made this book for me.

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What is Art?

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