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I have bought 3 photography books in 2 days. Guess what my evening plans are?

Also, i am so sick of not having a big enough blank wall in this house. These photos always have distracting things in the background. Damn my obsession with sticking everything to walls. Anyway, that's why my hands are there; to distract from the distractions. It totally works, shut up.


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My headache has returned and it has brought the sniffles with it :(


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Awesome new warm and snuggly gloves.
I'm finding them quite difficult to type in, though.


I wanted to add this quote:

"Hand in glove
The sun shines out of our behinds.

And if the people stare
Then the people stare
Oh I really don't know
And I really don't care"
- The Smiths "Hand In Glove"




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Proof that my headache is no more.

Also proof that last minute shots aren't always any good at all.
21st Oct 2009, 20:30   | tags:,,comments (5)


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I have now had a headache for over 24 hours.
I am fed up of it.
It reached a peak in the middle of last night and kept me awake for a long time. I hope this does not happen tonight.
I would really like to sleep.

(I should just be grateful i've never had a migraine, shouldn't i?)


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I have a frog on my nose.
It hurts.
19th Oct 2009, 20:07   | tags:,,,,comments (4)


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That's a wall.
And that's me.


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£1.00 for 4 Pirate eye patches?