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When vanity is clearly not an option.......... crank up the contrast!

I'm back !!! slightly different angle to this now. More of a personal daily journal. I may or may not post a portriat of my ugly mug, you may get a bit of me!!!

I'm not going to make any grand promises about sticking it out to the end and I'm already wondering whether this is a daft thing to do, but alot continues to challenge and engage me over the years, I need somewhere to put it all into perspective. WARNING: occasionally I am want to outrageous ranting. I did beleive for a very brief period of time this was due to an age related condition, then I had to acknowledge I've always been a bit of a

I originally started this along with nige and a few others back in June 2007 and as I discovered it would prove much more difficult than I had anticipated. I enjoyed it all very much and I think at the time I beleive my portrait photography greatly improved. The Other Nutters are:-

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Joker 365 X.
Mikey 365.
My defective ear.
My left ear. :(
See me.
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Slice of life.

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Many me's!

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Can you spot the many me's.

Did some baking, chocolate brownies, chocolate fairy cakes. None left now :-(

This was the whisk used to mix the cakes.


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Doing an impression of Peter Gabriel here!

Had planned to go to a field near second sisters house which is Full of sunflowers, but it hasnt stopped raining here pretty much all day.

SO instead I have some fake ones as a standby.

Hope you like

Another tiring day

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Am getting close to finishing the book now, but these last few bits and pieces are taking so long. That and the fact that there is so much else to do.

Took eldest daughter to the airport with her partner and son as they are off on holiday for a week. They were excited and nervous all at the same time. Its was a long old drive to gatwick and typically there was a lot of traffic and the journey took far longer than it should have done. Blasted M25


This was the 2nd of these I sent , but came through first. I always panic if that happens incase I miss the day, silly me :-)
20th Aug 2007, 23:07   | tags:comments (2)

Eye spy with my little eye

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I have very sore eyes. Spent most of yesterday finishing the book. I am actually very pleased with myself for having had the self discipline to do it and very appreciative of 540's efforts to entertain the troops whilst I did.

Had my best friend and her family over for dinner today which was lots of fun, tons of clearing up was one but now time to chill out and relax with large glass of wine.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend
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Having done a spot of levitating yesterday. The colour has somewhat drained from my many faces !

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Levitation, Levitation, Levitation. Wasnt that a song by Hawkwind, though I know that U2 also did a song with the same title

Went over to see sister number two and she has a nice new trampoline, what fun. here I can be seen doing a back drop, but it looks just like I am levitating...................

You would not believe how difficult it was to try and take shots of me on this trampoline and my legs felt like jelly afterwards, my back doesnt feel too good either. Still it has convinced me that we need to get one of these for the back garden.

D, not the post I had had planned for today, I shall leave that for anothe time ;-)
17th Aug 2007, 23:14   | tags:,comments (19)

'Goin To A Party At The County Jail'

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There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis..........................................

Today is a day indelibly printed upon my memory. Not as it happens because Elvis Aaron Preslsy died of a heart attack, though I was very sad at the time. But thiry years ago today I woke up in the morning turned on the radio in the holiday home me and my parents were staying in and wept.

Why ?

Beause I knew, I was sixteen and pregnant and Catholic..........................

I will never forget the day Elvis Presley died.

My parents thought I was distraught on the bathroom floor because the King of Rock n Roll had finally left the building.

I was mortified because I had committed the ultimate sin............... fornication ( the sprite in me now wants to refer you all to a chilli peppers song called calafornication )

I had no idea where I was going at this point in my life. Dad was quoting Hardy, Mum just gave that look.

Most of those who know me and some who dont will have picked up from my blog that actually there really are happy endings of sorts sometimes. Me and my son go for long walks, get drunk in the pub have so many similar interests.

We both have always looked out of the window at night and seen the same stars.

Its a funny kind of love affair, and I still grieve.

But I am happy, probably happier than I realise and very lucky...................................

I have so many friends

Thank you ALL, every comment you make means so much to me to a humble insecure person, like ME :-)

Down to the bottom of the glass

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15th Aug 2007, 23:51   | tags:comments (12)