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Print is what I am and what I do. I teach on the Art & Design Foundation course at York College, where I look after the Visual Communication specialist area. My personal interest is in anything printed but type in particular. I make works which are printed and have a healthy obsession for beautiful and innovative printing, commercial or otherwise. I also like photography which is printed on lovely papers and surfaces.

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Jon Tonks at Impressions Gallery, Bradford

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17th Oct 2015, 15:29   comments (0)

Jon Tonks at Impressions Gallery, Bradford

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Much photography is generic at the moment but Jon Tonks has produced one of the most fascinating bodies of work I've seen in this genre of photography for a while. It means something and is about something. He also exhibited ephemera and other documentation in the gallery which contextualised the images beautifully.

Jon Tonks at Impressions Gallery, Bradford

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17th Oct 2015, 15:26   comments (0)

Linotype - The Film

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‘Linotype: The Film is a feature-length documentary centered around the Linotype type casting machine. Called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by Thomas Edison, it revolutionized printing and society. The film tells the surprisingly emotional story of the people connected to the Linotype and how it impacted the world.’

The trailer is available at the link and the film looks beautiful.
23rd Nov 2011, 20:16   | tags:,,comments (0)

Simon Page

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These are just three from Simon Page's designs for International Year of Chemistry 2011 of which there are ten at his portfolio site

Also of note are his designs for International Year of Astronomy which are breathtaking.
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23rd Nov 2011, 20:10   comments (0)


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23rd Nov 2011, 20:10   comments (0)

Stormtrooper doing Letterpress

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The original post just says ‘stormtrooper using a printing press’. The fact that he’s using wood letter seems to have passed the original blogger by.
21st Nov 2011, 21:09   | tags:comments (0)
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