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This morning I took a nice little bus journey to go get my hair whacked off.

Along the way I see Mr. Head's sign on a bus stop. I cracked up.

Then I saw the little note attached to Mr. Head's sign.

I peed myself.

When wieners sleep

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He'd hate me if he saw these. He's vain that way.
Less Than Useless

I like 'em on top

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The top of my desk. Two posters of Troy
(http://www.troydillinger.com). They are covered in plastic for a
reason. heh

Empty people

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Just an empty lot on the way to work. If you look to the far left by that mountain, what's sticking up is the Stratosphere. That is provided you can see through the smog. Oh, you should treasure this picture, there aren't many empty lots left in this hell hole. By the way, the schmutz is on the bus window and no, I don't know what it is nor do I want to know.

The other picture, just random bus people. For all I know they may be just as empty as that lot.

Less Than Useless
26th May 2005, 16:54   | tags:,,,,,comments (0)

Morning coffee

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Its been one of those mornings. Since I can't drink on the damn bus, I have to wake up another way. This morning it was courtesy of Life, Sex & Death.

One more...

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And this is of course, Master Tater.
25th May 2005, 23:24   | tags:,,,,comments (2)

Desk toys...

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These are things that keep me from killing people while at work.