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Formed on October 19th 1998 by ex-Carter USM guitarist Les Carter (aka Fruitbat).
Abdoujaparov's musical foundations are the joyous and shambolic influences of 1977 punk rock. The music is raucous, fast and sometimes a bit country. The lyrics are rude, tender, funny and frequently a little unwell.

So far eight EPs, and an album have been released on Spinach Records. A compilation CD featuring tracks from the first 3 EPc was released by Pop Gun in Australia. The band has toured the UK, Germany, Australia and America.

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carter flyer

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rather exciting although its not strictly abdou!
6th Apr 2007, 10:04   comments (2)


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8th Mar 2007, 14:58   comments (3)

New album cover

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2nd Feb 2007, 21:52   comments (1)


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11th Nov 2006, 22:00   comments (0)

big tent

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from Gill Rockatansky
23rd Oct 2006, 00:23   comments (0)

Big tent summer 2006

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from Gill Rockatansky
23rd Oct 2006, 00:21   comments (0)


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Endorse it in Dorset

with some of the Fades being abdou
20th Oct 2006, 10:23   comments (0)


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