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spanish drama

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These are my nominated photos for the Oscars...

"After a long time"
"Escape from the world"
"Lonely winter"

by Abel Perez

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Kind Regards Everyone!

spanish nature

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spanish arty shots

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Searching for arty shots in my town, this is what I've found in a day...
You have to understand that I live in a touristic beach town!
So "Art" is not so obvios, notorious and anywhere like in big capital cities...
Dedicated to Mr.Stuart Waterman!

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spanish carnaval!

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This is me dressed as a viking,
Superman or hippy...
all in the same night!!

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spanish at work

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Some of my colleagues "happily working"...

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spanish football

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This is my local friendly football team,
where I spend my time and energy every saturday morning...


spanish beach

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I am from Alicante, a well located medium city in south east Spain.
Despite of work problems or excessive immigration, it is still
a lovely place full of sun (even in january), day & night life,
opened peoples and lots of beaches where to find "viewty"
to photograph...


spanish parties

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Spanish parties!

13th Jan 2008, 08:56   | tags:,,,comments (1)