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(viewed 1430 times)

6th Jun 2004, 13:40   comments (0)

Stretched Humvee!

(viewed 1491 times)

5th Jun 2004, 20:19   comments (0)

Blind V Dub

(viewed 1427 times)

16th May 2004, 19:37   comments (0)

Fabric boss!

15th May 2004, 00:27   comments (5)

Readiness, phase 2

(viewed 1489 times)
This is the advanced level Superflat readiness checks. We are level 6 ready.
12th May 2004, 18:32   comments (3)

Every home a prison

(viewed 1253 times)
Just having a bit of a security drill.
28th Apr 2004, 16:36   comments (1)

Aston Martin it ain't

(viewed 1411 times)
But that doesn't mean that leet fins don't pop out of the side and the wheels don't fold up when you go underwater and scud missles don't shoot out of the soft top roof. Many a time I've seen this guy driving along the bottom of the Thames, or up the sides of tall buildings chasing 7 legged septomonsters or giant Taiwanese battle droids under the command of crazed latin american dictators, wielding AK47's in each hand. Barely a day goes by when that doesn't happen here. Ah. London. Home of the world's greatest superhero.
28th Apr 2004, 16:34   comments (0)

The bird

(viewed 1183 times)
Ice Cube is outgunned.
What will be the outcome?
Will they do me like Malcolm?
26th Apr 2004, 02:15   comments (0)