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Pixel-worthy moments of my Instantaneous Reality...

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...more carefully engineered entries can be found on my Reality Engineering blog.

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(viewed 898 times)
Even dogs dream. Our thoughts are with you all in the UK.
7th Jul 2005, 18:41   comments (2)

London Condolences

(viewed 1481 times)
Our dog, London, looks a little sad here. I imagine he is sending his condolences to our friends in the city of London.

Although no one has been able to reach their cellphones, I have heard via email that our partners in the London office are safe and sound.
7th Jul 2005, 18:36   comments (6)

Brazillian BBQ

(viewed 831 times)
For the 4th we are celebrating at a Brazillian BBQ (America being the great melting pot after all), which makes it all the more crtical that we had hotdogs for lunch...appetizers include spinach/artichoke dip, salsa, and caviar...dinner to follow...

BTW, yes, Splenda Diet Coke in cans now! (sorry, Sallypnut, I still can't post comment replies on via my Sidekick...I need a Treo)....
5th Jul 2005, 00:11   comments (1)

Happy Independance Day!

(viewed 994 times)
I am sure the UK is glad to be rid of us by now and sometimes we live up
to our independance, so we all have some things to celebrate! I have
had hot dogs and potato salad on July 4th for as long as I can
remember...thanks to Tori's trip to the store this morning, today is no
4th Jul 2005, 20:49   comments (3)

Vons is Value

(viewed 981 times)
Now $2.99 ... Regular price $2.99. Huh?
30th Jun 2005, 20:08   comments (1)

Lone Cart

(viewed 902 times)
Poor old cart has been put out to pasture...
29th Jun 2005, 03:57   comments (1)

Ribs, Yumm

(viewed 837 times)
Homemade by Tori...
23rd Jun 2005, 03:08   comments (2)

Spicy Tuna Salad

(viewed 781 times)
Made by Nippon @ Sushi House of Taka in Sherman Oaks, CA. Very tasty!--akp
21st Jun 2005, 02:55   comments (0)