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Pixel-worthy moments of my Instantaneous Reality...

Sidekick 2

...more carefully engineered entries can be found on my Reality Engineering blog.

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Making Progress

(viewed 1366 times)
Towards something...
26th May 2005, 22:47   comments (1)

3 Hour Wait

But, I got to spend about a half an hour playing Zelda! Wow. While the
graphics may not hold up to next-gen, the visuals are stunning and
immersive. Gameplay style is pleasantly familiar, but definately has
some new twists. For those of you (like Sallypnut) that are looking for
another game as fun as Zelda Winda Waker, your wait will soon be
over...the demo room, as seen here, was quite decked out, with trees,
fog, animated fish, not to mention a big wolf puppet...
20th May 2005, 21:00   comments (1)

Chibi Robo

(viewed 1116 times)
I love weird games -- I mean innovative games -- like this one. Seems
you play as a tiny robot with the goal of making the family of the house
'happy', by cleaning up and helping as needed ... very cute ...
20th May 2005, 01:05   comments (0)


(viewed 909 times)
Yes, that is a polaroid of me with Link .... nice of him to drop by the
show ....
20th May 2005, 00:49   comments (0)

PS3 Rocks

(viewed 1254 times)
Okay, the line got shorter, so I got a chance to see the PS3 demos...
OMG... after seeing some of the XBOX 360 games I thought that Sony might
be in trouble, but after seeing what the PS3 can do ... Sony has nothing
to worry about ... the PS3 is amazing. The weird looking controller is
not as weird up close as it seemed in pictures (its much smaller, less
absurd). Wow. Judging from the massive assortment of ports indicate
they may have some tricks up their sleeves too ... PS3, Spring 2006, be
19th May 2005, 23:11   comments (0)

Happy Things

(viewed 3365 times)
19th May 2005, 20:59   comments (0)

Got Turntable?

(viewed 1033 times)
Konami does, for Beatmania....
19th May 2005, 20:38   comments (0)

LA Rush

(viewed 1128 times)
San Francisco was soooo, 20th century...
19th May 2005, 18:44   comments (1)