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Pixel-worthy moments of my Instantaneous Reality...

Sidekick 2

...more carefully engineered entries can be found on my Reality Engineering blog.

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iMac First Boot

(viewed 946 times)
Wow, what a thing of beauty. I can't wait to get it cranking...just
need to install Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Macromedia Studio,
Photoshop, BBEdit, iWork, Office (for Excel...), and a scattering of
other useful tools -- most importantly, must install Konfabulator!
10th May 2005, 20:43   comments (1)

iMac has Arrived!

(viewed 972 times)
iMac G5, 2Ghz, 20" screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, Superduperdrive (dual-layer
Superdrive) Mac OS X Tiger, soon to have 2GB RAM!
10th May 2005, 20:06   comments (5)

Wacky Sports Day

(viewed 961 times)
Egg carrying, limbo walking, hands-free bread eating, beach ball relay,
and kanjii-object matching...mostly chaos, as the rules were unclear,
even for those that understood the instructions in Japanese...
7th May 2005, 19:15   comments (1)

Catapiller Edamame

(viewed 837 times)
Umm, eww ... there was a catapiller inside of a pea pod ...
23rd Apr 2005, 21:15   comments (1)

2 Swords, finale

(viewed 856 times)
Finally, my daughter and I finished Zelda: Four Swords (played on the
GameCube with GBAs as controllers). Really neat game, but It is a pain
to play a multiplayer game RPG that has infrequent save points and
completely ends the game if someone's GBA runs out of power or becomes
7th Apr 2005, 06:59   comments (1)


(viewed 822 times)
Wow, my daughter won a trophy at her Japanese school district's speech contest! I guess that makes it worth the 3 hours of sitting here feeling stupid :)
3rd Apr 2005, 03:27   comments (3)


(viewed 789 times)
Help, I am trapped in a seemingly never ending Japanese speech
contest...and I don't understand much Japanese...
3rd Apr 2005, 02:52   comments (2)

Surfin PSP

(viewed 1138 times)
I couldn't resist using the hack to use my PSP as a wireless web browsing device (by setting its DNS to point to my Mac mini, which is running a BIND server that spoofs to point to a local web page -- from there I put links to my blogs and Google, which will take me anywhere!).

Ok, silly, I know, since I have a laptop right next to it. But hey, it was fun :)
1st Apr 2005, 09:19   comments (5)