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Pixel-worthy moments of my Instantaneous Reality...

Sidekick 2

...more carefully engineered entries can be found on my Reality Engineering blog.

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(viewed 973 times)
My new memory showed up faster than expected (FedEx estimated the
arrival as Apr04), so where is the new iMac G5 it wants to live in?
31st Mar 2005, 21:28   comments (5)

Nice Shoes

(viewed 1070 times)
My neighbor showed up at my door today wearing these shoes. He claims
that his grandmother had them in a box in her attic from his rocker days
until this morning, but that seems a bit far-fetched...
25th Mar 2005, 23:38   comments (8)

uWink Invader

(viewed 1163 times)
The uWink sign (in the Playa Vista area of LA, down the street from Electronic Arts), has a ceramic tile Space Invader on its sign. Looks to be the work of that french artist that has been spreading these worldwide...
22nd Mar 2005, 18:52   comments (1)

Precolored Easter Eggs

(viewed 1141 times)
Wow, talk about lazy!
20th Mar 2005, 18:45   comments (0)


(viewed 1129 times)
Isn't just for Vanilla Smoothies anymore! Blend it * Chill it * Freeze
it * Heat it. Actually makes a pretty tasty cup of coffee. I am
definately looking forward to making actual vanilla smoothies with it
too...thanks guys!
15th Mar 2005, 18:05   comments (3)

Pong Star

(viewed 988 times)
This week Nolan Bushnell, Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario, Sonic, Link, and
(strangely) Halo became the first inductees into Metreon's Walk of
Game. Here is a picture of the ceremony and Nolan's star (with my
foot). During the ceremony, Nolan made an impassioned plea for people
to harness the power of computer gaming techniques and technology for
use in education. Unfortunately, I haven't yet seen mention of this
aspect in the press coverage of the event...
12th Mar 2005, 06:38   comments (3)

Farewell, GDC

(viewed 830 times)
Quite a year. The game industry has had a few rough years. While
emerging technologies are still hot topics, there finally seems to be a
return to a focus on gameplay and FUN. Yay for us as developers and as
gamers too!
11th Mar 2005, 23:30   comments (0)

Art = Disturbing

(viewed 1020 times)
I am @ a party in San Francisco @ the Minna Gallery and saw this
disturbing work of 'art'. Thought y'all might like it if I shared. Let
me know if I was wrong.
11th Mar 2005, 05:54   comments (3)