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Pixel-worthy moments of my Instantaneous Reality...

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...more carefully engineered entries can be found on my Reality Engineering blog.

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(viewed 931 times)
Fun in the sun...okay, it wasn't that sunny, but it was warm and the water felt good on our feet...
28th Jan 2005, 18:20   comments (0)


(viewed 1069 times)
In sharp contrast to Acapulco, we really enjoyed spending some time in
Zihuantanejo. A fishing village turned tourist destination (Ixtapa, a
planned resort area is just minutes away) -- it was much quieter,
friendlier, and smelled better :) We even had a chance to play on a the
beach a bit and watch the pelicans...
28th Jan 2005, 18:18   comments (0)

Dolphin Arc

(viewed 864 times)
More by the pool ... we hung out a lot here ... there is a buffet right behind where I am standing ...
28th Jan 2005, 17:38   comments (0)

No maneje con ninos adelante

(viewed 878 times)
We kept that sign in mind as we headed back for the ship...So many VW
beetle cabs...I guess they were manufactured locally in Mexico, up until
last year...
28th Jan 2005, 03:50   comments (0)

Oh My God

(viewed 999 times) what it reads on the taxi on the lower right, and it is very
fitting. I am sure that is what many people are thinking as they walk
down the streets here. "Oh My God, I need a cab, get me out of here."

We really did not enjoy Acapulco and do not plan to ever go there
again. It felt like a place that was once a booming tourist economy
that has since been sliding down, losing business to other places. You
could smell the desperation in the air, not to mention the other bad
smells :-P
28th Jan 2005, 03:45   comments (0)

Fresh Tortilla, anyone?

(viewed 902 times)
While the chain link fence is nice and all, I think I would have felt
better if this street-side tortilla factory had like windows, or a wall,
28th Jan 2005, 03:28   comments (0)

Up Close

(viewed 972 times)
...Acapulco loses much of its charm. I am sure there are nice parts of
the area, outside of downtown, but we didn't get to see it...
28th Jan 2005, 03:27   comments (0)

From Afar

(viewed 953 times)
...Acapulco looks nice...
28th Jan 2005, 03:24   comments (0)