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Pixel-worthy moments of my Instantaneous Reality...

Sidekick 2

...more carefully engineered entries can be found on my Reality Engineering blog.

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Latinu Technology

(viewed 889 times)
The sign at our office is being replaced with a better one, so for now they have removed our sign and exposed the previous tenant's.

Apparently it was called Platinum Technology, but the P and M were used as anchors for our sign.

Latinu Technology sounds more mysterious.
10th Jan 2009, 17:06   comments (2)

You shouldn't overspend...

(viewed 886 times) the moment. Frugality is important.

All three of us got this fortune at the table tonight.

Message received, albiet late - since we just ordered way too much food.
6th Jan 2009, 04:12   comments (1)

Best Gift Card

(viewed 538 times)
Someone sent me a gift via an online store.

The gift arrived, with the attached gift card inside.


Since the item they sent was in the box. I don't really understand this
heartfelt inscription. Yet, I am touched.
1st Jan 2009, 00:47   comments (1)

CSI: The Experience

(viewed 817 times)
We followed crime scene #2 - starting with a dead body in an alley, we
examined the scene for clues, then we analyzed evidence and cracked the
case. The autopsy was cool, as they projected things onto a white
28th Dec 2008, 23:47   comments (4)

Frozen Mississippi

(viewed 688 times)
As seen from the Science Museum of Minnesota.
28th Dec 2008, 23:21   comments (2)

Surprise Package

(viewed 531 times)
The bubble ring was frozen when we pulled it out of the mailbox, but it
thawed within a few hours :)
25th Dec 2008, 16:20   comments (1)


(viewed 588 times)
Where did I move? The Twilight Zone?
21st Dec 2008, 16:50   comments (5)

Indy making paths

(viewed 528 times)
"Where are the bunnies?"
20th Dec 2008, 21:01   comments (0)