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Pixel-worthy moments of my Instantaneous Reality...

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...more carefully engineered entries can be found on my Reality Engineering blog.

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Cloudy Eve

(viewed 928 times)
Sitting in the Endless Summer restaurant, trying to decide what to order
as the sun goes down...
27th Jan 2005, 18:28   comments (0)

Lamb Shank

(viewed 752 times)
Continuing with the food and drink theme for the moment, here is a very
heavy lunch I had one day on the ship. Btw, the Chateau Ste. Michelle
Cabernet from Washington is pretty inexpensive and quite good. Of
course, just about anything is good with lamb. :)
27th Jan 2005, 18:22   comments (0)

Floating Islands

(viewed 826 times)
The dessert, that is ... sooooo tasty ...
27th Jan 2005, 07:01   comments (6)


(viewed 757 times)
Just a glass of ice water, colored by the wooden table it was sitting on
-- but I liked the way the ice looked, so here it is...
27th Jan 2005, 03:11   comments (0)

State of Fear

(viewed 832 times)
In addition to lots of eating and drinking, I also spent a fair amount
of time reading on the cruise...this is Michael Crichton's State of Fear...
27th Jan 2005, 02:14   comments (3)

Lobster Dance

(viewed 797 times)
The waiter was deftly removing my lobster from the shell of the tail --
yummy...meanwhile, the assistant waiter was having trouble with Tori's,
shredding it in the process -- she said it was tasty nonetheless...
27th Jan 2005, 02:04   comments (0)

Karaoke Before 11

(viewed 742 times)
This lounge had Karaoke open to all ages until 11 o'clock when they
kicked the kids out ... my daughter actually got up in front of more
than a hundred people in this standing room only bar to sing a song ...
people cheered -- it was cool ...
27th Jan 2005, 00:48   comments (1)

Frosty, Salty

(viewed 924 times)
Yummy goodness. Have I mentioned that I enjoy beverages?
27th Jan 2005, 00:00   comments (1)