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Pixel-worthy moments of my Instantaneous Reality...

Sidekick 2

...more carefully engineered entries can be found on my Reality Engineering blog.

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London's Eye

(viewed 863 times)
Not to be confused with the London Eye... Tori took that picture, that includes his eye, really hi-res .... so I use it for my wacky 1024x1280 + 1440x900 desktop background ...
23rd Dec 2004, 09:18   comments (0)


(viewed 866 times)
Ok, hard to focus on the haircut, when the freaky plant has grown to double the size. Where does the hair go when you cut it? Into the freaky face hugging plants, apparently...
23rd Dec 2004, 08:54   comments (2)


(viewed 962 times)
Ok, I have gotten way too shaggy ... I need a haircut. No, the palm fronds are not part of the problem ...
22nd Dec 2004, 23:35   comments (2)

Manchurian Candidate

(viewed 740 times)
Did this movie need to be re-made? I don't know, but hopefully watching it will shed some light....
22nd Dec 2004, 17:27   comments (2)


(viewed 915 times)
Fill 'er up...
22nd Dec 2004, 00:16   comments (2)

99 cent Wine

(viewed 896 times)
I just don't know what to say.
21st Dec 2004, 22:51   comments (2)

Desperate for Housewives

(viewed 989 times)
Argh, I hate it when my TiVo season pass priorities are out of whack. TiVo should like wave its arms around, or email me, or something, if a show I have a season pass for is not going to be recorded...
21st Dec 2004, 06:02   comments (8)

Pacific Rim

(viewed 960 times)
...Dry Riesling from Bonny Doon. Had to have some after thinking about the winery all afternoon. Yum.
21st Dec 2004, 05:21   comments (0)