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10th Jul 2006, 07:01   comments (4)

y m nt spr-hmn nymr.

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(saw an eye doctor. am not going blind like i thought i was. rapidly degrading eyesight that worried me so much, and seemed to make everything so worse- has me at 19/20. I had super-human vision, and no one thought to tell me when I had it. except a grandpa who i found things for in what feels like a lifetime ago)

I have been drinking a lot of tea and working a lot of hours. I've been packing and organizing and packing and saving and I almost can afford to buy a car and my life is still a mess but that's how life is.

I finally have a day off, tomorrow, so I'll be trying to get to the photo-place to have some prints made, and after i pick those prints up, the post office, i hope.

also, I decided not to go to england to help my dad pack up because i found out he's moved back here for the near future. hence my packing. and saving.

and things being a lot more awful.

one of my younger brothers is going to be studying in japan for the next year, so I might go visit him next spring, but, I'm not sure.

I've never been to alaska, and I've wanted to go for a very long time. yes, i know there is nothing up there, no, I don't know why I want to go so much.

yes, I am aware of the fact I am extremely disconnected, out of it, and possibly crazy.

also, I miss you.

it's what I feel like saying, even if I've met most of you only once, or not at all.

8th Jul 2006, 06:14   comments (10)


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1st Jul 2006, 04:46   comments (7)

plm hrt

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13th Jun 2006, 06:05   comments (4)


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photos at left from random moblogukers, photos at right mine.

I don't like widgets a ton, but, they grew on me a little.

I'm still waiting to see what Sony Ericsson is going to charge for their new phoness (the k610i/k310i - both physically smaller/easier for me to hold, probably)
8th Jun 2006, 03:54   comments (10)

blng pnt, r, tmsphr

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25th May 2006, 06:13   comments (2)


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21st May 2006, 03:33   comments (3)

sm kd sd t knw

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not finished and probably won't finish. am good about that.
20th May 2006, 19:53   comments (1)