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lxs lnn wgnr lvs vwls. rlly.


what goes in my ears?
see hears. (my audioscrobbler page)

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5th May 2006, 06:09   comments (0)

'd lk t s y, bt 'm gng blnd.

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19th Apr 2006, 02:32   comments (9)

dd thngs

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19th Apr 2006, 02:11   comments (3)

fkng t

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without having a camera phone, I'm 99.999999% sure I actually see the world differently.

it's not a bad thing, exactly, but, it's not good. I don't really look anymore, and that could be plain old blues, but, I don't think that's all.
19th Apr 2006, 01:43   comments (0)

hy, y'v gt t hd yr lv wy

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I found my favorite hat today. (in perfect time to wear it to the zoo, where it protected me from getting sunburned. prevented my face from getting as badly burned as the crescent piece of my shoulders/neck where my jacket and shirt didn't cover.)
I've had the hat for a really long time, but it'd been burried under a large tangle of ties for a good year or so.
3rd Apr 2006, 03:10   comments (4)


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from is really short. (soon to be black with a little bit of some
undecided odd color, i think)
have been listening to the nirvana song "Do Re Mi" more than anyone should
working a lot
officially hate myself and feel awful every day for falling out of
touch with / neglecting people. it's easier to hate myself than remedy
the situation and interact with people, now.
that's a sign of good mental health.i'm also going to try and get a phone with a camera on it. because
videotaping things is getting ridiculous.
1st Apr 2006, 17:50   comments (8)


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- will get inked with a quill tomorrow,
-will get watered/brushed
so, i thought i'd use the webcam to save them as they currently are,
so i can yell at myself when i mess them up.
11th Mar 2006, 06:51   comments (11)


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so, I returned the razr (aka uglytastic, handicap accentuating,
and got a nice, 20$ (with 20$ mail in rebate) nokia.
which I will promptly dissect and mess with once I get a new phone.on a more serious note, I'm not doing very well in school, I'm
spending too much money, I'm staying in bed too much, I'm letting
myself down, I'm under-achieving, etc...
and, I bombed my anthropology lab test on parts of the skull, because
I stayed out too late being social with a coworker (completely worth
and it was a good thing I stayed out so late.
my youngest brother has been sick. and, I mean, sick.
so I kindof intentionally talked loudly so he'd wake up, when I got
home at 1am-ish, and took his temperature.
needless to say, I didn't sleep a whole lot after that.
and it is my fault for choosing to stay up, and i'm okay with, I'm still carrying a knot around in my stomach about that, and a
lot of other stuff.
my hair is really short and it's nice to not have to worry about
washing/drying it like i used to. in fact, brushing it is something I
only sometimes make time for. so that's a plus. also, I look a lot
more like a guy, which makes my life a little easier. I can slump back
into wearing baggy clothes and just plain not worrying about
aesthetics.I'm still contemplating saving up to go to japan for a week or two
next september/october.
(not sure if i mentioned this. one of my younger brothers will be
studying there for a year, if things go as planned. so, i thought it'd
be nice to visit. and, well, I'd like to go back to japan and see some
of the things i missed first time around/ maybe turn it into a
business trip, even.)
I don't think I'll go if I can't get a friend to go with me, though.
I'd be okay going alone to lots of places, but, japan isn't one of
them. half the enjoyment for me, sometimes, is being able to share it.
blah blah blah. must find robot companion. or something.
so maybe i'll pass on that entirely and travel locally for a bit.
that's fine, alone.oh, and back to the most important thing- I no longer have a
camera-phone and will probably vanish until the k610i is released, or,
i give in, and get an old k608i. :
or maybe I'll figure something else out. hrrrmmm.....

also, I need to remember that emailing things means i lose formating of text.
7th Mar 2006, 23:22   comments (4)