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mr ndrgrnd

28th Feb 2006, 07:24   comments (5)


28th Feb 2006, 06:53   comments (0)


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after museum, met up with old friend. (it'd been five years since we
last hung out. oops : \ )
I took the first and, I think the third photo. Quintus took the other
two. was pouring, and we kept getting splashed by cars while waiting
for bus.
photos were taken before a car drove by while I was mid word and I
accidentaly swallowed half a mouthfull of genuine los angeles gutter
I don't like the photos of myself, but, you know, in case I die from
the gutter-water, I thought I'd put them online.
28th Feb 2006, 06:42   comments (3)


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28th Feb 2006, 06:30   comments (0)


I got off the bus a stop farther from /past my house in hopes of catching
the icecream-truck-that-usually-has-mexican-candy, but, it wasn't
there. So I made noises at animals for a good 10 minutes or more.
22nd Feb 2006, 05:37   comments (3)


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22nd Feb 2006, 04:56   comments (3)


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got to work about an hour early. had coffee while waiting.
view from where i sat, door, and down.
20th Feb 2006, 07:30   comments (1)


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I don't think I'd ever lose this tiny bit of paper, but on the off
chance I ever do, its pixelated version will maybe still be around.
I had it in my wallet for a long, long time. now it's in a book.
actually, I don't have anything in my wallet anymore except for
plastic, and money. that's got to say something.
20th Feb 2006, 07:17   comments (3)