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Little kid

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I hate when I look really young in a pic or in real life depending how I
wear my hair I always either look 14-16,18,maybe 20(my actual age which
I look like that 10% of the time). It sucks.
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4th Oct 2010, 01:40   comments (1)

Finished pics

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So I finished my twist I really love them.
I did them in kinda big and loose but not too loose where they come
off. I notice that that's how my hair like them and that's how my hair
grows the most(when no stress is on the hair). The color is a 30 and I
forget the name of the hair it took around 8 hours or more probably
would have been less but I like to talk watch tv and was forced to play
a family game with my brother.
30th Sep 2010, 23:38   comments (1)

Blew it out

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Its cold out now so time for kinky twist. So in preparation of the event
I washed conditioned and blew it out. I plan to start the twist tomorrow
but til than see yah.
28th Sep 2010, 17:14   comments (0)

Trim an search

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So a couple days ago I did a good trim and than a search an destroy for
single strand knots I really it think the trim was needed my ends an
hair look so much better. I wish I had better pictures cause my hair
looks so shiny an healthy.
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26th Sep 2010, 21:00   comments (0)

My new go to style

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I can finally do a almost pony tail. Its so easy an I love it. I have a
couple things to review tomorrow and post.
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22nd Sep 2010, 03:22   comments (0)

Hats hats hats and fall/winter

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So its begun its getting cold out and im already started crocheting on
my second hat. I plan on making many in different colors along with
crocheted head bands most likely when im done with all the hats I might
go back and line them with satin or silk.
Im really excited for this winter also because I bced in march and
transitioned in the winter I know plenty of styles and what my hair
likes/dislikes in the cold weather.
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18th Sep 2010, 19:40   comments (0)

Im colored

(viewed 385 times)
I was trying to find more pictures of my old hair dye jobs but only
found a few and they really don't show off the color too well but what
ever. I've been every color in the book but dark black is my natural
hair color but most of the times in these pics the black is a dye job.
All the picture are with in a 3 to 6 month or longer span in 08. In the
last photo my hair was actually a lot brighter than it appears
15th Sep 2010, 17:47   comments (0)

My new favorite thing

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I love love to diffuse my wash n go. It lasts me about a week if I do. I
do them every other week if I have my hair out that long.
5th Sep 2010, 04:46   comments (0)
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