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Make up

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So I love love love my make up sometimes I do it just because. Anywhooo
I have some pictures of a purple and blue eye shadow I did on my face I
used two different purples one was made from covergirl and the other is
a unknown to me at the moment(I kinda rubbed off the name) the blue I
used was also unknown I just remember buying it in mississippi.
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12th Aug 2010, 02:17   comments (1)

So I joined a challenge

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And I promised them pics so here they are first is wen I first
bced,second is my wash n gos now. My hair shrinks so much but ill try to
get length shots next take down end of september.
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11th Aug 2010, 21:13   comments (0)

Hey long time no write

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Been kinda busy getting things in order for school because im
transferring and trying to find a new job plus move out so very busy
time for me.
Anyway I've been weaved back up. This time I used boheme brazilian wave
I love love love it . I paid 79.99 for a 14in.
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31st Jul 2010, 05:26   comments (0)

Shrinkage and kccc vs. Eco styler

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My hair shrinks....really bad as u can tell but aside for that I love my
hair. I love the many different curl coils and straight hair that I
have. Any whoo wen I was weaved up I invested in some kinky curly
curling custard and eco styler because they say its good for the weave
hair I had.
Im not going to say the kccc was not good because it is I just find
that I like it better for twist outs because it gives great definition
as for wash n go's my hair loves eco styler but I think that's mainly
because it has protein in it and my hair LOVES protein
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22nd Jun 2010, 16:58   comments (0)

The weave

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Im not done yet I put bang on until I find time to dye it(hopefully
tomorrow) but even so I still think I may put the bang back on im
beginning to like it.
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21st May 2010, 03:40   comments (0)

Eye shadow

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I looooove eye shadow and my new fav. gel eye liner. So here is a
picture of a bright blue and bright pink eye shadow blended together
with gel eye liner on top and bottom. I look gross in these pictures and
I wish it really showed the color better but here they are.
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5th May 2010, 19:24   comments (0)


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So this isn't the best pics of the cherry lola it looks better in person
an I play in my hair so its frizzy and undefined but anywhoo.
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5th May 2010, 19:03   comments (0)

Can your eyes get lighter as you get older

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Like color wise cause lately they have been photographing and kind of
looking lighter. Maybe im just retarded but ima post two pictures ,first
old ,second new.
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1st May 2010, 20:39   comments (0)