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Hey, I'm AlienGirl.
Welcome to my pictures.

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I got this for my birthday a while ago...

(viewed 819 times) even plays a little tune!

15th Jul 2004, 17:42   comments (5)

My flatmate...

(viewed 625 times)
..should I be worried?


15th Jul 2004, 17:27   comments (0)

They're going to kill me for these...

(viewed 567 times)
Mouse and Roger, at Move Festival.

*runs and hides*

15th Jul 2004, 17:21   comments (0)

More Move...

(viewed 891 times)

Mad Mancs in LadyBird costumes, dancing to Keane (of all things)

14th Jul 2004, 17:25   comments (0)

Fat Bob Smith...

(viewed 859 times) Move Festival on Friday 9th July.
Was a very weird gig.

14th Jul 2004, 17:24   comments (2)

Pikey Pastries

(viewed 1781 times)
Image taken in the incredibly pikey town of Abingdon.. The one below it
"Freshly filled, crusty baby bloomers"

(pointed out in a rare moment of genius by AlienSister)

7th Jul 2004, 16:56   comments (5)


(viewed 935 times)
Another one yang alien sister..

7th Jul 2004, 16:47   comments (5)

Tree-hugging hippy

(viewed 1348 times)
Little Lucy, hugging trees :)

7th Jul 2004, 14:56   comments (3)