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Conumer Behaviour Marketing

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hair cut express

(viewed 523 times)
this is a hair salon call QB house, their main business is in japan
they provide a quite innovation service for the consumer,really convenient and cheap and fast as 10 minutes for the hair cut progress.i think that is their gimmick as you can see the introduction as picture three
by Andrew
21st May 2008, 04:07   comments (0)

cinema ad

(viewed 514 times)
this is a cinema ad about the movie - Enchanted
this is one of the ad i found form the toilet sink mirror
by Andrew
21st May 2008, 03:52   comments (0)

Promotional Pizza Ute

(viewed 521 times)
Elusive (took 3 weeks to trackdown!) promotional Dominoes Pizza ute in Weston with advertising billboard on back. Car had VIC plates that read 'peeza'. Maybe on loan from head office? - Jono Condon
7th May 2008, 06:17   comments (0)

Juice Testing station in Woolworths

(viewed 517 times)
Lady at a juice testing station in Woolworths Woden. She said she was part of a seperate agency that specialised in testing in stores. - By Jono Condon
7th May 2008, 06:14   comments (0)

Linh Ho found this on northbourne ave just before dickson turnoff

(viewed 621 times)
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Linh this is an excellent example of Bus stop advertising for Canberra this is a first as we here in the ACT have no billboard advertising the law has just changed reguarding this type of advertising Nina
1st May 2008, 15:03   comments (1)

Bus advert, Nick Garfoot

(viewed 614 times)
this was taken while driving home from school, interesting about whats coloured red....

Nick Garfoot

Excellent work yet again Nick risking life and limb all for your education this is dedication does this advertisment have appeal and if so what is it Nina -
27th Apr 2008, 11:50   comments (0)

moving billboards with changing ads

(viewed 545 times)
i found this truck pack after it had done a few circles of Manuka on
Friday night. it has lit up panels on the side with changing images

Nick Garfoot
27th Apr 2008, 06:01   comments (0)

Nick Garfoot

(viewed 757 times)
written on the side of the van was "we think ice cream should be free just like calls and text" unfortunately it didn't look like they were serving anymore free ice cream :(

Excellent work Nick what is this telling you about consumer behaviour and do you think this sort of advertising has any appeal NIna. does any body else wish to comment
13th Apr 2008, 08:21   | tags:comments (1)