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Pump Label

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This logo is clear, simple and easy to recall. It is being targeted at different segments but mainly at those that have an active lifestyle. The bottles are decent, with a pop top to make it easier for active people, eg: Running or bike riding, they don't have time to twist the top off the lid of a drink bottle.

If using the VALS system to identify the lifestyle and psychographic info (as discussed in ch. 12 NQH), they would be identified as innovators and experiencers.
Both Innovators and Experiencers lead an active lifestyle. They participate in sports and outdoor activites, They also care about their image, so they don't want to be seen with a brand that is unknown.
They also like to spend money on things they like, so they don't hesitate when purchasing a bottle of water.

Jo Flynn
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Angie and Laura

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This picture is of Laura and Angie our fellow class mates. The advertsising is on Angies jumper, it is Volcom. Even though the picture is not clear people can still identify what the brand is. This particular brand is aimed at people aged from 14 - 24.
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