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Love those tiger lilies....

(viewed 439 times)
20th May 2015, 13:06   comments (1)

Real women may have wrinkles

(viewed 425 times)
After our discussion of the depiction of women in knitting magazines as compared with fashion magazines, here is a photo of part of page 70 of Interweave Knits Winter 2015. Lovely, genuine looking face - doesn't look Photoshopped.

Liz F
20th May 2015, 04:27   comments (1)

Peruvian Japanese cuisine

(viewed 676 times)
An interesting and uncommon food blend I noticed on a recent holiday in Miami.
Yvonne H.
5th Nov 2014, 10:14   | tags:,comments (0)

Action Bus-King O'Malleys

(viewed 756 times)
2nd Jun 2014, 04:54   comments (2)

Traditional Cambodian Dress

(viewed 2913 times)
Traditional Cambodian women clothing

19th Nov 2013, 02:30   comments (0)

halloween culture in the US

(viewed 649 times)
Girls in the US use Halloween as an excuse to dress in as little clothes a possible with animal ears and call it a costume! Not many other culture participate in this "holiday".

29th Oct 2013, 05:01   comments (0)

Macedonian culture uniform

(viewed 348 times)
Traditional dancing/clothing Ivan
29th Oct 2013, 04:51   comments (0)

Luxury for real people

(viewed 332 times)
A volvo advertisement mocking 'the rich' people that volvo usually markets to.

29th Oct 2013, 04:45   comments (0)