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CIT Logoblock
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Having a wonderful holiday
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CIT orange
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This is my moblog pic.

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motorcycle companies use colour to identify there bikes

This is so consumers recognize the difference between each

brand and evoke automatic response by just seeing the colour of the bike.

Honda= Red

Yamaha= Blue

Suzuki= Yellow

Kawasaki= Green

KTM= Orange
15th Jun 2011, 05:49   comments (1)

Kellogg's Nutri-Grain

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Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Cereal is
1. One of the highest protein breakfast cereals on the market
2. Good source of 6 vitamins including folate
3. No artificial colours or flavours
4. Good source of iron
5. Source of calcium
6. High in carbohydrate
7. Low in fat
3rd May 2011, 02:13   comments (5)

Coca Cola truck

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This truck is used like a moving billboard.
2nd May 2011, 07:22   comments (0)

Nightclub Stamp

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Some nightclubs, pubs and bars use stamps to indicate that you have entered their establishment. Other clubs such as sport and ex-servicemens clubs give you the opportunity to become members of their club. With this, you get a card and every time you come in, you swipe it to earn reward point which you can then trade for prizes, drink vouchers etc, and also enters you in the weekly cash draws.
2nd May 2011, 07:22   comments (0)