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Started a landslide in my ego. Looked from the outside to the world I left behind.
A Day Without Me - U2

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Lime Project Calendar
The link above is for a calendar fundraiser - real women taking their clothes off to help a friend who is fighting cancer. I took the photos of Ms. February.

I'm married and living with my hubby in southern PA. I lost my furry soul mate on 10/16/05 and I still miss him desperately. As of May, 2008 - our original trio are all back together at the Rainbow Bridge.

In October we brought our Norwegian Forest cat (Bailey) home. In early August we adopted three more kittens from the shelter. Gypsy & Ginger (the sisters) and Jasper (the step-brother). That makes a total of 6 cats in the house again.

I love photography in most of it's forms, I'm obsessed with U2 (since 1985) & Pink Floyd. Some would call me a crazy cat lady. I attend Renaissance Faires for the music, comedy, fun, photo ops, flirting and shopping.

I tend to take tons of photos. Most can be found on Flickr.

Photography is my favorite obsession and I aspire to...improve! Oh, and my cats are one of my favorite subjects - so you are forewarned about the cat hair. Be advised if you have pet allergies!

Early photos were taken either on my Epson digicam or my LG 6000 camera phone.

I added a Canon 20D in May, 2005 and have now upgraded my camera phone to an LG VX9800. Photos post May 19, 2006 will be from either of these devices. Since we also upgraded our phone plan - you will see more coming from my phone. My hubby finally signed on here, as well - you can see him at Regimental's page. He no longer has his camera phone, so updates will be unlikely.

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Sea Lions at Pier 39

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We're being tourists
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Winery Steps

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Taken inside a winery we visited today in Sonoma
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San Francisco - shot while sitting in traffic.
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Golden Gate Wedding

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Photo by my husband, Gerry (Regimental), while I was driving across the
Golden Gate Bridge today.
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Armadillo Willy's

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Teaxs BBQ in CA
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