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Sitting in the sun

(viewed 481 times)
Having a beer on an October's Monday afternoon.It beats working for a living :-)
10th Oct 2005, 15:58   comments (1)

The Butchers

(viewed 516 times)
10th Oct 2005, 14:55   comments (2)

Old Petrol Pump

(viewed 807 times)
10th Oct 2005, 14:52   comments (0)

A bit of passion

(viewed 517 times)
Passion fruit plant, in my garden. Kindly donated by Karen.
6th Sep 2005, 19:22   comments (0)

Big bridge

(viewed 595 times)
On my way from Cardiff to Cornwall.
14th Aug 2005, 13:00   comments (0)

Bangor Uni

(viewed 688 times)
I saw this billboard ad today for the best uni in the world at Crewe train station. Quality.
8th Aug 2005, 19:15   comments (0)

Old Rabbit Window Sticker

(viewed 621 times)
Rabbit, the network closed about 10 years ago but it is still advertised in this shop window. Maybe the shopkeeper has just left it there for nostalgia. I would.
7th Aug 2005, 23:13   comments (2)

Ilegally parked police car

(viewed 810 times)
Copper parks on double-yellow lines, on a junction, while he goes to get an UFK (Unlucky Fried Kitten) takeaway.

It's a classic case of "do as I say, not as I do!"
7th Aug 2005, 17:31   comments (3)