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"If common sense is so common, how come nobody uses it?"

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Nice Day

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It was 75 and sunny today so I was walking around outside. THey just mulched
the flower beds so I took a pic of it.
18th Oct 2006, 21:27   comments (6)


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Alright this is how blogging can get you in trouble.... I was trying to blog
the process of sending goodies and you can judge for yourself how it
went....I love my bride.... but you can only get away with sooooo many pics.
Oh and Goonflower has a special gift coming with this parcel. You are gonna
love it and your sis spoils you rotten!!!
18th Oct 2006, 01:16   comments (6)

Ok dicko

(viewed 718 times)
it's on it's way
18th Oct 2006, 01:00   comments (5)

Really warm

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This one just really looks warm
16th Oct 2006, 02:01   comments (0)

Halloween Face

(viewed 1673 times)
See if you can find the Halloween face in the fire. There are eyes a nose
and a mouth

Different tree

(viewed 805 times)
16th Oct 2006, 01:57   comments (0)

Indiana in the house

(viewed 632 times)
My aunt Donna stayed with us for the wedding. More baron cheese.
15th Oct 2006, 21:32   comments (1)

Dye job

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The wife decided to go red for my sister's wedding this weekend. It's her
way of rebelling against a marriage no-one is sure about. It turned out slightly
more,Shall we say vibrant than she imagined which caused a brief moment of
hysteria (she used to be blonde). I will let you be the judge so I don't get
into trouble. Asprin will love this one. Now she really is the Red Baron!!!!
13th Oct 2006, 01:48   comments (5)