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"If common sense is so common, how come nobody uses it?"

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(viewed 523 times)
I love a good fire.
25th Apr 2007, 13:36   comments (2)

Baby Rus

(viewed 558 times)
This is how small it was when we first got it. I have to find the rest of
his baby pics. I think there are some really good ones.
22nd Apr 2007, 06:03   comments (5)

Extreme cuppa? No

(viewed 513 times)
It's a shot from the top of the bubble light. I thought it looked really
cool though.
22nd Apr 2007, 06:00   comments (4)


(viewed 627 times)
I tried to get good pics but these things are moving with the bubbles
22nd Apr 2007, 05:56   comments (0)

Aqua Light

(viewed 556 times)
I forgot I had this thing. I is a 5 foot tube and blows bubbles. I put a
seahorse and dolphin in it. I changes colors as well. This was a bday prezzie
from the baron a few years back. Glad it still works.
22nd Apr 2007, 05:48   comments (2)

Rus Walk

(viewed 635 times)
Just a couple of nature pics walking the boy tonight.
20th Apr 2007, 00:08   comments (2)

Almost gone

(viewed 483 times)
All that's really left of a bar across the street from work is the front
wall and that is about to come down. Baron visited this establishment once. It's
fenced off so I had to shoot these through the fence
16th Apr 2007, 17:11   comments (1)

Glug glug

(viewed 574 times)
One of the felines knocked the phone into the sink last night. It was
completely full of water. It would be a miracle if it works
16th Apr 2007, 15:32   comments (4)