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"If common sense is so common, how come nobody uses it?"

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Where is Nurse Booty?

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Well it has been a very long time that we relinquished our roommate into
your custody. We have not received any notifications as to her well being. We
are now concerned that she has been sold into some sex slavery ring after a
drunken binge on New Years. We have hired a crack staff of policemen to get to
the bottom of this. They are well armed and all graduated at the top of their
class. I hope you realize now that our concerns are real and we will spare no
cost to find the friend that we left in your care. I have enclosed a photo
of the uniformed officers that are now on our payroll. We have also hired
private investigators that are going to be working undercover. I cannot divulge
their identity as their cover would be compromised.
We would greatly appreciate your help in this matter.
Thank you
9th Mar 2007, 22:55   comments (2)

More Rus

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Sharon took these on one of our many walks through the woods with the boy.
He loves to get his feet wet.
8th Mar 2007, 18:07   comments (1)

Baltimore Harbor

(viewed 453 times)
6th Mar 2007, 15:02   comments (1)

Virginia Beach

(viewed 468 times)
5th Mar 2007, 15:57   comments (2)

Beach Bum

(viewed 518 times)
He loves playing in the sand. With his knee fixed now he should be ready for
the beach again this year.
5th Mar 2007, 15:33   comments (1)

Flower boy

(viewed 558 times)
Found a couple of old pics of the boy.
5th Mar 2007, 15:30   comments (5)


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In her cleaning the baron came across one of my old organizers. I forgot the
thing ever existed. I guess that tells me how organized I am. (What day is
it today?)
4th Mar 2007, 18:09   comments (3)

St. Patty's Day

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This tree was put together at the local bar to celebrate the 17th. I would
never have thought to erect a Christmas tree and decorate it for another
1st Mar 2007, 23:37   comments (5)