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"If common sense is so common, how come nobody uses it?"

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Dark clouds

(viewed 499 times)
I had to run to the store and when I came out I looked to the left to see
what looked like another storm coming.
14th Feb 2007, 21:12   comments (4)

Kitty love

(viewed 535 times)
Caught the sisters giving each other a bath on the counter. This is odd as
they are usually swatting each other.
14th Feb 2007, 21:06   comments (2)


(viewed 514 times)
Stopped in to drop off some chicken for my mum and yes the boy made it in
the pub with the baron. No he did not have a pint he is still too young.
13th Feb 2007, 03:24   comments (3)

Rus plays football

(viewed 499 times)
It was a slow sports day so the boy took a turn playing football on the PS2.
He curses a lot when he plays so we have to keep the door shut.
29th Jan 2007, 21:59   comments (6)

Bye bloggers

(viewed 632 times)
We had the boy out for the first snow of the year. I lose my work phone
tomorrow for a Blackberry. It's a piece of crap with no camera.
22nd Jan 2007, 01:44   comments (7)


(viewed 602 times)
I let my nephew, who got his driver's permit today, drive my truck to the
mountains. I was a nervous wreck. That's why I sat in the back seat.
21st Jan 2007, 20:20   comments (5)

Air football Rus

(viewed 523 times)
Yes the boy plays football as well.He was knackered so he wouldn't stand up
for a proper goon photie.
17th Jan 2007, 01:50   comments (2)

Birthday boy

(viewed 607 times)
Well it was the boys birthday today so we took him to Petsmart (a walmart
for pets) and let him have a pick of the store. We came home with a bone the
size of Brighton and some smaller treats. Happy birthday Rus and little H.
17th Jan 2007, 01:32   comments (7)