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I'm crushing your head!
10th Nov 2004, 00:01   comments (0)

It's all about perspective.

A different angle.
10th Nov 2004, 00:00   comments (0)

Blurry but furry.*

Wore the bunny today.

*No, not *that* kind of furry. Geez.
9th Nov 2004, 23:49   comments (0)

Shinier than the Sound of Music

These are a few of my favorite boots...
9th Nov 2004, 23:48   comments (4)


Insert political and/or social commentary here.
9th Nov 2004, 23:40   comments (0)

Meat is Morbid

Sometimes you have genuine reason to frown.
9th Nov 2004, 23:37   comments (0)

Complete with Xalieri Tentacle Beard!

If it's not smiling, I'm not eating.
9th Nov 2004, 23:34   comments (0)

Me a-furrow.

Hey, troubled times call for troubled expressions. Next, hand wringing.
9th Nov 2004, 18:35   comments (0)