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The Art is Out There

Street artists
11th Oct 2004, 00:27   comments (0)

Searching for the Stinky Cheese Man

Dump Starr
8th Oct 2004, 18:48   comments (3)

Flashers and Platinum 21*

Follow that truck?

*Two local clubs with for those with a hankering for some 'adult entertainment'. To which I say, sure, but at 9am on a weekday in the upscale suburbs of the Bible Belt? Hell, I haven't even had my *coffee* yet, much less my morning pole dance...
8th Oct 2004, 02:13   comments (0)


Pitter patter.
6th Oct 2004, 22:29   comments (0)


6th Oct 2004, 22:25   comments (0)

Where'd my face go?

Absolutely Featureless
6th Oct 2004, 22:20   comments (2)

Spicy Brains

Elmo wishes to eat your spicy brain. So good when young and tender.
6th Oct 2004, 19:47   comments (0)

Herr Douf says, "Eat it like an American in Bavaria during Oktoberfest!" No, really.

Egg candy with prize inside, straight from Germany, with love. Even makes my German professor smile.
6th Oct 2004, 19:42   comments (0)