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Suspend much?

The things you can find lying around at work. *shakes head*
6th Oct 2004, 19:23   comments (0)


Think that mopey face is going to work with me, young man? If you would behave, you wouldn't be made to sit in the corner.
6th Oct 2004, 19:21   comments (0)

Working class art

Achromatic industrial Miro in the workplace. Insurance not included.
6th Oct 2004, 19:19   comments (0)

Toys at Work

Must have taken the little guy a whole morning to spell that out.
6th Oct 2004, 19:16   comments (0)

I love you, too!

Gives new meaning to "making up the bed".
6th Oct 2004, 19:15   comments (0)

Say it with rope.

When you care enough to bind the very best.
6th Oct 2004, 19:13   comments (0)

Hats on to you.

The perfect fit.
6th Oct 2004, 19:10   comments (0)

Show what you got!

Well? Do you?
6th Oct 2004, 19:07   comments (0)