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Hi, I'm Belle.
My birthday is May 2005.
I live inside London.

I live in a home with my mummy and her mummy. I have a nice family. We have a warm home. In a wintertime mummy says I have to stay in home, but in a summertime mummy takes me for walks and I wear my harness.

I like rubber bands, chicken treats, scrunched up paper, pens, string, hair bands, catnip, bell balls, the windowsill, milk, and playtime!!

I hate the smell of nail polish. Yuck! Mummy always puts a colour on her finger nails and on the toe ones too.

My mama is MISS ANGEL so no mess wit a Belle yo, or my mama gon come getchoo!!

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Round one... FIGHT!!

(viewed 782 times)
I am big girl now i fight the big tigers!
11th Oct 2007, 10:47   comments (0)

I love mummy

(viewed 1595 times)
29th Dec 2006, 23:49   comments (1)

What goes up...

(viewed 1102 times)
Must come down...
24th Nov 2006, 14:50   comments (0)

Sly ones!

(viewed 1158 times)
I was asleep!
16th Feb 2006, 16:02   comments (1)


(viewed 1067 times)
I'm back updating my moblog... but later... now I am sleepy...
8th Feb 2006, 19:33   comments (0)

Look at me!

(viewed 1140 times)
The camera loves me!
29th Dec 2005, 12:23   comments (1)

Watching mama

(viewed 1249 times)
She's working on the computer.
12th Nov 2005, 14:42   comments (0)

My computer, mine!!!

(viewed 1193 times)
11th Nov 2005, 16:52   comments (1)
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