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Choose a case for csgo on the site bloodycase - great prices, skins, great chance to get a top skin for minimal money.

So what are CSGO cases?
CS GO weapon cases are a type of container, along with capsules, souvenir sets, graffiti boxes, and Radical - StatTrak, which require a special key to open. Valve presented CS GO weapon cases as part of its 2013 "Arms Deal" update.

The meaning of the weapon cases is that when you open them with special keys, you are guaranteed to get one of the skins CS GO quality is not lower than the army. To view a list of all the skins from this collection, you need to hover your cursor over the image of the case in your inventory. At the moment you open it, only one random skin from this list will fall out. The principle of dropping out skins is not absolutely random, as many mistakenly thought for a while after the "Arms Deal" update. The statistical chance of falling out is directly affected by such a characteristic of skins as the degree of rarity. There is also a chance of getting StatTrak versions of skins, which has made cases popular.

The degree of rarity of skins, obtained by opening cases, cannot be lower than the army quality. However, do not be under the illusion that when you open the first case you will immediately fall out a purple or red skin. On the forums and in the community of Steam there are many sad stories of how players have invested hundreds of dollars in the keys to the cases, but they never fell out a rare skin desired. Therefore, a much more sensible way is to purchase coloring skins in the Steam Marketplace or

How do I get CSGO cases?
There are several ways to get cases:

1. Actively getting involved in the gameplay. If you play on a secured VAC server you're guaranteed to get one or two cases a week. As a rule, cases are dropped at the end of matches. Drop timer is reset every Thursday at 4 am Moscow time.
2. Special Missions. Weapon case can be obtained as a reward for completing the mission.
Watching matches and broadcasts. Alternatively, points earned for watching matches and broadcasts can be exchanged for cases.
3. Exchange or buy. Moreover, you can always exchange cases from other players or buy them on the Skinwallet Market. 4. Before you buy or sell a case, it will be useful to get acquainted with the analytics. Information about when the last deal was made on a certain item, how its price was changing during 3 months, half a year or even a year will help to build a proper selling strategy and get a profit. If you trade with other players, be prepared for the possibility that the deal will fall through. Therefore, it is much more profitable to trade with bots on trusted sites.
Open cases in CS GO need to use special keys. The cost of one is two and a half dollars. In contrast to the cases, keys do not fall out. Until recently, they could be bought on the official Valve Market or on third-party marketplaces. But in October 2019, the developer released a patch that banned the sale or exchange of keys. According to them, they restricted the transfer of keys on Steam Marketplace in order to combat cheaters who launder money through sales.

What uses can be found for CS GO cases?
In the previous section, we have already partially answered this question. However, let's remind you that all cases, without exception, are tradable items. Therefore, you can exchange them for other items in your Steam inventory or sell them at market prices on the Skinwallet Market. The advantage of the Skinwallet trading platform is that it allows you to withdraw the earned money through various payment systems (Yandex.Money, Webmoney, Qiwi). To do this, you need to go to the official Skinwallet website through your account on Steam, select the cases and put them up for sale. Once the trading is complete, the proceeds can easily be withdrawn through the selected payment system. The platform also allows you to buy new chests at very favorable prices.
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