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Please touch the work on display

(viewed 786 times)
Even children are allowed to touch the artwork.. The child in the top
picture who is being lifted up to look at the sardine automata later
opened the lower smell cabinet and without being able to read - picked
out a jar and gave it a sniff and then put it back in just the right
place and delicately closed the door - it was a delight to see, as
many adults didn't manage to figure out the jars were for smelling.
Children know. The boys in shot are trying to win themselves a
chocolate sardine and have just discovered the secret inside the
shell; their response "woooaah, check this one out! Look at this!" and
the girls in the bottom have also just figured out the shell, the one
on the left went "ohmygod, look at this, OH MY GOD."
16th Oct 2012, 15:54   comments (4)

The winner is B

(viewed 754 times)
15th Oct 2012, 09:15   comments (7)

"there appears to be some kind of forcefield protecting this fish"

(viewed 713 times)
Spock would like to eat the goldfish, however..
14th Oct 2012, 22:25   comments (0)

Toys for the inquisitive child. MA show now on @ grand parade until Friday. Come play!

(viewed 1027 times)
2nd Oct 2012, 09:26   comments (2)

Hopscotch Cat

(viewed 693 times)
I hand my MA project in tomorrow, show on the 15th.. new life soon,
whatever that might entail. I took a trip to Liverpool and bumped into
a ginger fellow having a game of hopscotch xx
6th Sep 2012, 20:21   comments (1)

when the pressure's on least there's the beach

(viewed 821 times)
25th Jul 2012, 19:26   comments (1)

Don't think the southern line goes as far as winterfell

(viewed 1215 times)
13th Jul 2012, 05:30   comments (5)

There has been a terrible accident

I spilt glue on my sardine tin when I was fixing in a part of the
mechanism. So last week I had to go back and reprint. It was a pain
because the box is so battered so the ink just tends to flood out the
lettering. In the end we had to do a layer, dry a layer, varnish the
layer and then do the next so that if the lettering flooded we could
wipe it down to the last layer rather than have to start again each
time. Ray worked with me for 4.5 hours to get this back to how it was
before and there was only minimal swearing.
9th Jul 2012, 14:39   comments (6)