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The Cat's Dinner

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Sorry farmers and country folk, I had to intervene. This little one
didn't get hurt but he was scared out of his wits. I let his heart
rate settle down and put the cat inside to give him a head start.
23rd Apr 2011, 20:13   comments (3)


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Had a lovely lunch with Megan and little L today.
30th Mar 2011, 23:22   comments (4)

Bare Necessities

A friend of mine's mum got in touch to ask me to make some silver for
her daughter's Birthday. One of the things H was keen to have was
somewhere to keep safe and put a teeny tiny bear she has had since
childhood (and has lost on a few occassions). It's quite hard trying
to find something to put a tiny bear in that works with this narrative
and doesn't end up making the bear seem some how captive or smothered.
A little satchel was apparently her dad's idea and it seemed like just
the right place to keep a childhood toy safe. Initials on the front
incase of course H mislays the satchel. (PS. that's not the real bear).
21st Mar 2011, 22:06   comments (5)

The Book You've Always Pretended To Have Read

Been Waiting ages to post this!
21st Mar 2011, 00:01   comments (8)

Stories In Silver

Put this book together of my main silver pieces over the weekend -
Book binding is pretty satisfying. The paper is just heavy weight
cartridge. My top tip is just never print with copy paper if you want
anything to look nice. I sewed the book together with some ace thread
I got in Berlin - I actually saw the same kind holding a bunch of
letters together in the Stazi museum and made it my mission to find
some similiar stuff - took until about an hour before I left to find
it! It is green and white, but I'm on the look out for red and white
16th Mar 2011, 00:46   comments (8)

Goats Head Cuff

A friend of mine is working doing some costume on a horror film in London, she got in touch with me to ask if I would be able to make a cuff for her - can I make a silver cuff for a lady with a goat's head motif with red eyes on it.. Why yes, I can! Cue some scuffling around in my jewelery box for the right bangle (acquired at leeds fest 2004), a trip to new look to buy some broken earrings and some good old bashing to make the goat head relief. Thanks also to Factotum who gave me these great beads last time she was over here - that are pearlised on the inside so appear to glow under the light - perfect for the eyes.
15th Feb 2011, 14:12   comments (5)


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I went out souvenir shopping on the morning before we came home -
bought this lovely but slightly dangerous toy alongwith some ace boots
and some other bits and pieces. Check out the video, took me a while
to figure out how it worked.
29th Jan 2011, 16:46   comments (6)

Last Night in Berlin

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I enjoyed my last night in Berlin going to a little art show at ZMF
and swearing at public transport with Jule. Here we are having made it
to our destination - a smokey, and rather slender bar in Wedding. A
great end to a really fun trip.
29th Jan 2011, 12:34   comments (4)