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bigger than the sky and the mountains

pansh versus the sun

after a long and furiously fought feud, pansh ultimately emerged triumphant as the victor. hurrah!

'ain't fly 'til you fly'

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best... birthday present... ever.

I've been addicted to this sonofabitch power kite since I got it in january.
25th Apr 2009, 16:12   | tags:comments (6)

d is so many different kinds of awesome and then some

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receiving an exquisite miniature gift package in the post from someone you've never met before is one of those rare and unique pleasures which make a life feel just that little bit more fulfilled. from now on the quality of all future rare and unique pleasures will be measured against this new yardstick.

d, you're so many different kinds of awesome... and then some.
24th Dec 2008, 12:18   | tags:comments (4)

bye bye woolies

dropped into my local store the other day to search for cut price wrapping paper and sellotape.

not an awful lot left in there, just some cheap crappy plasticy things, aisles of moody looking people and no obvious security. oh no hang on a mo, that's what woolworths usually looks like!

(badda - bam - *tish*, I thank you...)

can't say I'm particularly sorry to see it go, though obviously I'm sorry about the small matter of 30,000 people losing their jobs. just one lingering question remains: what happens to all the left over pic'n'mix?
23rd Dec 2008, 12:03   | tags:comments (8)

high times in the night garden

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now look. there may not be any hard evidence to suggest that lewis carroll (alice in wonderland), edward lear (the owl and the pussycat) or even pierre culliford (the smurfs) were influenced by the occasional mind-bending substance when they wrote brilliant children's fiction, but given the nature of their work it's not a huge stretch to imagine that they actually were.

what's harder to imagine is that the creators of bbc's in the night garden were not on something particularly funky when they put this series together. I mean, arranging stones in little circles? uff-uff on the og-pog? I think the third picture says it all really. well there's absolutely no question that this filth must be banned. I'm planning on writing to the daily mail to initiate a boycott quick-sharpish.

nah, just kidding. from what I've seen, in the night garden looks particularly beautiful, much better than those awful teletubbies...
22nd Dec 2008, 11:32   | tags:comments (12)

intro to british sign language

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Hello. My name is billion. I am happy because I've finished [SQA] Introduction to British Sign Language.

Butterfly... Whale... Butterfly...
21st Dec 2008, 15:16   | tags:comments (33)

boys' toys

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16th Dec 2008, 19:25   | tags:comments (7)